Lindsay Von, artist, lives in Atlanta, GA. with her family. Growing up as a daughter of an art teacher and architect she always had an interest in the arts. Lindsay studied Economics while attending The University of Florida and had the opportunity to study Art in Florence, Italy. After Florence, Lindsay knew she would always have a passion for painting. She works with acrylic, pastels, charcoal and gouache on canvas and paper. 

Life is not stagnant - we are always in motion. I capture that motion through my art and each stroke. The foundation of my work is employing nature-inspired colors captured on canvas. While this brings a sense of harmony, I relinquish control and let the art dictate the next brush stroke, color and shape.

My artistic approach is unique in the sense that I do not choose my color palette beforehand nor do I decide what shapes or emotions I want to evoke. Rather, the colors of the season, the nature surrounding me, or the décor of my studio influences the final palette.

Each person is unique, and what excites me is that my art evokes different experiences such as colors, textures, and shapes in each viewer.